To be a competent back-end developer, you need to know at least one of the major, core, back-end programming languages — Java (and its major frameworks, Spring and Hibernate) and/or C# (and its major frameworks, .NET Core and Entity Framework.)

You need to know SQL. You can’t even begin to do back-end development without it. But don’t bother learning NoSQL tools until you need to use them.

You should be familiar with the major cloud platforms, AWS and Azure. Others you can pick up if and as needed.

Understand Linux & Cloud Based Services

Know Linux, because most back-end infrastructure runs on Linux and you’ll eventually encounter it, even if it’s often hived away into various cloud-based services.

You should know Python and bash scripts. Understand Apache Web Server configuration. Be familiar with Nginx, and if you’re using Java, have some understanding of how Apache Tomcat works.

Be good with Docker

Be familiar with JavaScript and HTML/CSS. You might not have to write them, but you’ll need to support front-end devs and work with them and understand what they do. If you do any Node.js (some of us do a lot, some do none), you’ll need to know JavaScript and/or TypeScript and understand Node.

That’ll do for a start.

Programming Languages

But even more important than the above, learn computer science.

Learn it, and you’ll learn that programming languages are implementations of fundamental principles that don’t change, whilst programming languages come and go.

Learn those fundamental principles, and it won’t matter what languages are in the market — you’ll be able to pick up any of them as needed and use them productively.

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There is a lot to master when it comes to web development. For instance first get the clarity on types of web developers, then basic necessities and tools that are important when out comes to web development. HTML and CSS framework, then move ahead with some advanced techniques to understand UI design principles and UI kits and libraries.

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