Recently, artificial intelligence has been making strides in medicine and automotive. Here we are going to discuss in detail why the field of artificial intelligence is so significantly game changer to the modern economy. AI's analytical and predictive power has proven a valuable asset for many industries.

As part of this discussion, we will cover how AI with its prediction frameworks is helping in decision-making in various industries.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is a technology that mimics human intelligence. A lot is involved in AI, training, modeling, data sets, and algorithms. Combing all of this, we can take the example of Netflix. It recommends what users should watch based on interest.

 AI allows computer applications to learn with algorithmic training. An extremely valuable technology since it essentially allows computers to think and behave like humans, but at much faster speeds and with much more processing power than the human brain can produce.

What Makes AI Technology So Useful?

Artificial intelligence technology is being applied for automation, enhancements, analysis, and ROI.

  1. Automation – AI can automate a repetitive task. Finding bot traffic and algorithm research - with AI, marketers make countless predictions and adjust stock buying using that experienced AI.
  2. Enhancement – AI can make products and services smarter and more effective. AI also enhances the workflow through automation. Market segmentation and campaign management can be left to AI, while marketers use their time to develop creative marketing strategies. 
  3. Analysis – Google announced that it uses RankBrain, an AI system, to interpret a 'very large fraction' of search queries. RankBrain should help find relevance in content and queries and better interpret voice search and user context. 

Another example is predictive analysis; predictive analysis in companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple helps them get a better insight into the coming future in terms of revenue and stocks. This is possible with machine learning to detect patterns and adapt. For instance, computer vision breaks down an image and studies different object parts.

  1. Accuracy – AI can be trained to become more accurate than humans, utilizing its ability to harvest and interpret data to make better decisions for tasks like picking financial investments or identifying cancerous growths on x-rays. It is enhancing the diagnostic in the medical industry. Today, health professionals are better equipped to diagnose a patient and monitor their situation, which leads to better and more accurate treatment.
  2. ROI – AI maximizes the value of data since it can do a better job analyzing complex, multi-variate relationships without taking any breaks and with fewer mistakes, making it an incredibly important technology for any business that relies on data and operates at scale.

AI allows better decisions and informed strategic decision-making processes using machine learning and computer vision.

Where is AI Technology Being Applied?

Artificial intelligence has proven incredibly effective in the following industries and caused disruption. 

  • Healthcare – AI applications are being used to treat cancer. Artificial intelligence and algorithms of depth machines help to shorten the testing. 
  • Retail – AI technology is applied in retail environments to handle stock management, and You May Also Like suggestions and personalized viewing suggestions.
  • Manufacturing – AI solutions are used for better decisions about logistics and planning for materials ordering, timetables to project completion, etc.
  • Banking – AI systems are being used to review fraud detection and mitigation of payment fraud. Through artificial intelligence, manual labor is reduced, which helps the banks reduce cost reduction with seamless customer experience, frictionless transactions, chatbots, and the availability of 24/7 mobile banking and risk management in the banking industry.


Large-scale enterprises can leverage to dominate the other players in their industry. AI technology is applied in life sciences to assemble and translate complex data sets that help discover pharmaceutical drugs.


AI Engineersaccomplish a task like design, building, testing, and updating data processing, mining, speech recognition, and robotic control, a data expert and AI come into play for scaling the business. Artificial intelligence is widely used to provide personalized recommendations to people, based for example on their previous searches and purchases or other online behavior. AI is hugely important in commerce: optimizing products, planning inventory, and logistics. At Jamal brothers, we offer AI-driven solutions that model human behavior to accomplish complicated tasks or complete complex processes.

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